Good health is at the center of all our lives, but as we age our health diminished and our ability to fight off diseases also decreases.

Today there are a number of ways in which we can increase our overall health and fitness some of these are natural ways, like good diet and a good fitness regime whilst others involve medication or even surgery.

It is always better to avoid intrusive surgical procedures but when it comes to aging, sometimes surgery is the most effective way.

This is particularly true when it comes to fighting obesity, many people have tried every diet under the sun and seen little success, with yo yo weight loses and gains. For these people some form of gastric surgery is often the last chance saloon.

Finding the best gastric surgery option can be a heart wrenching ordeal. The decision as to which type of gastric surgery you should have and which surgeon should perform this operations is a key and difficult decision to make.  For many the best choice is either to have a gastric band operation or the more intrusive Gastric Bypass Surgery. The later is permanent operation that is irreversible. A gastric Bypass operation makes the stomach smaller and takes away part of the intestine, it is a radical operation but with it comes vast weight lose. In fact many people  experience a post operative weight loss of up to 80% of their body weight over the two years following their Gastric Bypass Operation.